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Policies and Procedures

Acceleratedwebstudios.com or any employee of Accelerated Web Studios is not accountable or liable for anything regarding your website, marketing, design, or any other product or service given. We will work with you to our best ability, but you agree that the products and services given are given/sold “as is” and should be treated as such.

Website Liability

You are full owner of your website and you are responsible for maintaining your website. We are not responsible or accountable if your website is deleted, hacked, gets a virus, or gets spammed. AcceleratedWebStudios.com is not responsible for any adjustments or edits to your website. We may charge a fee for performing any changes or updates to your website that you request.

Domain & Hosting Payments

It is your full responsibility to pay your domain & hosting. If you want to cancel either of those services it is your responsibility to do so.

Enough Legal Lingo

We appreciate each and every one of our customers and sincerely thank you for your business.


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